Veterans Landscape installed a curtain Drain, installed incorrectly and because these contractors did not know what they were doing they started from the wrong end, hit ground water, did not know what to do so they installed a sump pump in the ground with 160' of electrical cord to our garage and a regular garden hose to drain to the brook. The town found this to be in violation of many codes.

Our yard floods worse then ever and we have deposits of stone they threw all over the lawn so the grass will not grow.

I do not recommend!

Monetary Loss: $5.

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It upsets me to see the title "Veteran" getting a bad rap... I AM a US Army Vet and own Veteran Landscape & Property Maintenance out of Greece, NY (www.VeteranLandscape.com) I am posting this here so nobody sees the name "Veteran" and associates the name with my business which is 100% legit and insured.

The offending business in this complaint sounds like they are hacks that give the legit guys a bad name... I ALWAYS research local Town and County Codes prior to diggs, working on electric and the like. Most the time you WILL need an inspection performed as well as permits. This offending company I am sure didn't even read the codes let alone file permits etc.


to Kevin Yarmouth, Massachusetts, United States #1135959

If you read it correctly you would see it has nothing yo do with being a vet i also am a vet and this company happens to be a very respectable in him community and it is his last name Vetorino.so i thiufht i would give you the correct info thank toi matt davis ( Vetorino's irrigation devistion HEASD)

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